Know about the history of 31 July: जानिए 31 जुलाई के इतिहास के बारे में


Know about the history of 31 July

Christopher Columbus reached the island of Trinidad in 1498 during his third voyage.
The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb declared himself the king of Mongol on 31 July 1658.
The world’s first narrow gauge railway line opened on 31 July 1865 in the city of Grandchester, South East Queensland in Australia.
The Madras Presidency Club took the initiative to operate radio broadcasting on 31 July 1924.
Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi left the Sabarmati Ashram forever on 31 July 1933.

The British government hanged Udham Singh, a fierce revolutionary, freedom fighter and social reformer, in London in 1940.
The first state transport service in India was established in West Bengal (Calcutta) State Transport Corporation on 31 July 1948.
India and Nepal signed a treaty of peace and friendship in 1950.
Apollo-15 astronauts traveled 6½ hours on electric in 1971.
The Soviet Union conducted a nuclear test on 31 July 1982.


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